Jungle Team


Jungle Doc Productions is composed of 2 partners: Alain Bonnet and Thierry Jamin and relies on a network of partners chosen for their skills.

Thierry Jamin


Thierry Jamin, explorer and founder of Jungle Doc


Co-founder, with Alain Bonnet, of Jungle Doc Productions.
Deug History-Geo, Bachelor of History-Geo, Master in Modern History, one year of DEA in history on Latin America as part of the preparation of a thesis on Païtiti.
French explorer, a graduate of the Universities of Tours and Toulouse (France U.E.), passionate about the Inca civilization, he devotes his researches, since fifteen years, to the study of the permanent presence of the Incas in Amazonian forest. After many expeditions in the Peruvian Amazon rain forest, he may be at the gates of his ultimate goal: the “miraculous” lost city of Paititi.

Already published:

Alain Bonnet


Alain Bonnet, manager and founder of Jungle Doc


Co-founder with Thierry Jamin of Jungle Doc Productions.
Manager of Jungle Doc Productions.
Photographer, director, cameraman and video editor.
Passionate about images and sound, he founded a communication agency in 1996, near Toulouse (France U.E.), of which he was the manager until its closure in 2020. Almost a quarter of a century in the world of communication. Almost a quarter of a century in the world of communication.
Eager for discoveries, he is a partner of Thierry Jamin’s expeditions since 2003. He participated in the Pusharo 2006 and Palotoa 2007 expeditions. He was able to discover the reality of the terrain in the Amazon rain forest and its difficulties. He was seduced by the human wealth of Peru, whether past or present, by the striking contrast of the three main regions of Peru: the coastal desert, the peaks of the Andes and the Amazonia.

Our partners

Edward Valenzuela Gil


Edward Valenzuela Gil, cameraman


Edward Valenzuela Gil is director and founder of NEVIZA Productions, an audiovisual company based in Cusco, dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of tourist destinations in Peru.
A graduate in Communications and Television from Lima, he has worked for more than 10 years producing documentary films and videos promoting tourism through NEVIZA Productions. His main concern is to show the most spectacular places and especially to report faithfully the efforts, difficulties, joys and sorrows encountered during these expeditions.
Thanks to the fabulous images of Edward Valenzuela Gil, you will be the privileged witness of the extraordinary archaeological discoveries made by the team of Thierry Jamin in the footsteps of the last secrets of the Incas. You will follow them through the Andes, the Peruvian coast and the Amazon rain forest. At the end of the road, maybe the Eldorado…

Michel Wiklacz


Official composer of all documentaries produced by Jungle Doc Productions. Give him a few keywords, a few tracks, he will embroider music which, without taking over, will sublimate images and texts. Guaranteed atmosphere!

Laurent Duringer


His area of expertise is 3D, motion design, cartography. With him, everything becomes possible. Throw him a challenge, he will respond!

And many others!


Proofreaders, translators, voice-over, illustrator, graphic designer, calibrator, sound engineer, etc.

All united for the same goal: to share with the spectators lived stories and undoubtedly too heavy to keep them only for us!