Are they already with us?

A film by Thierry Jamin
Produced by Inkarri Cusco

Directed by the direct witnesses of the facts, TRIDACTYLS, tells, in six opuses of 52 mn, the story of this astonishing discovery with universal implications. Passionate about Indiana Jone’s and the X-Files series will not be disappointed. Except that the facts reported here are 100% real.

This disturbing film raises real questions and challenges viewers. If it was true? Thierry Jamin and his companions from the Inkarri Cusco Institute are at the heart of the event…

The true story, experienced from the inside by the protagonists of the case.

In October 2016, Thierry Jamin, a French researcher and explorer, is contacted by grave robbers, or huaqueros, from the south coast of Peru. The latter reveal to him strange mummified remains discovered, according to them, in a secret place in the Nasca desert. Then they tell him a story that is barely believable!

Strange humanoid mummies, with elongated heads and three-fingered hands, will hit the headlines and shake up the not-so-quiet world of Peruvian archeology and global ufology.

For some, “TRIDACTYLS” is the “Roswell affair” of modern archeology, while for others it is just a simple scam cleverly put together by traffickers of pre-Columbian treasures or by Thierry Jamin himself!


TRIDACTYLS – 6 x 52 mn – In english, french or spanish


At the beginning

In Peru, Thierry Jamin, a French researcher and explorer, is contacted by tomb robbers from the Nasca region to reveal to him the existence of strange three-toed humanoid mummified bodies. Convinced of the authenticity of the case, he embarked on the adventure with the Instituto Inkarri team, with two main objectives: to demonstrate the authenticity or fraud of the mysterious mummies; and disseminate the information, so that no administration or government can cover up the case.


Mummies from elsewhere

Thierry Jamin and his team set off on the trail of the mysterious non-human mummies discovered at Nasca. Thanks to “Mario”, the alleged discoverer of the site, he managed to gain access to several mummified bodies that looked like aliens. X-rays are taken and specialists deliver their first analyzes. Soon, with the support of Alain Bonnet, Thierry and his companions launched the “Alien Project”…


The alien theory

The arrival of Jaime Maussan and the North American channel Gaia will soon give the “case of the non-human mummies of Nasca” a global impact. One day, in Cusco, a strange “man in black” makes contact with Thierry Jamin, while he is seated in a restaurant with a Spanish archaeologist. Then the x-ray of one of the mummified bodies soon holds a huge surprise for our investigators. Some time later, Mario reveals a strange hybrid mummy…


A global affair

The case of the non-human mummies of Nasca has become planetary. After several weeks of analyzes, carried out in reputable laboratories around the world, the first results arrive. At the same time, the official authorities of Peru rise up and cry fraud. While legal proceedings are launched against “Mario” and Thierry. Finally, in Lima, the first “Nasca Conference” is organized. The results of the first analyzes will call into question many certainties…

Opus 4

Looking for evidence

Mario reveals to Thierry and his team the location of the site where he claims to have discovered the incredible relics. But is it really the “right” site? Thierry doubts it. At the same time, polemics are all the rage on the Internet and in the media between the supporters of the authenticity of the mummies and the defendants of the case, convinced of a vast fraud. It is soon essential to organize a second conference.

Opus 6

An historical event?

In November 2018, Thierry and his group, supported by a Peruvian delegate, presented the almost definitive results of the DNA, C14 and other analyzes of the now famous non-human mummies from Nasca. The mission for Thierry and his group seems to be accomplished. The results are revealed. But is official science ready to receive this information? Later, in the course of 2019, the San Luis Gonzaga National University of Ica officially takes possession of the famous mummies. At the same time, the Ministry of Culture is trying by all means to recover this invaluable legacy from the Nascas. What will become of these relics whose origin remains a mystery? The case continues …

The case of the non-human mummies of Nasca is far from over! In collaboration with Alain Bonnet, head of the audiovisual company Jungle Doc Productions, Thierry Jamin is currently preparing the continuation of this incredible story with infinite twists. Release of new opuses scheduled at the end of 2024.