The UFO files of Peru

This is the latest production of Jungle Doc. This is the latest production of Jungle Doc. Intended for ufology enthusiasts, “The UFO Files of Peru” offers images and unpublished testimonies of old and recent contacts, observations and unusual encounters made in recent years in Peru and Latin America.

On an original idea of Edward Valenzuela Gil, this new exceptional collection will be composed of seven films of 45 minutes, written by the researcher and the French explorer Thierry Jamin and directed by Alain Bonnet.

This production is available in French, English and Spanish versions.

OVNI of Peru

First opus – Ancient contacts

Here is the first opus of this collection. Entitled “Ancient contacts”, this film goes back in time and presents numerous archaeological clues showing probable contacts, in Peru and in Latin America, between a people coming from the stars and some pre-Columbian civilizations.

Some cases have become classics: the cyclopean constructions of the ancient Peruvians, the ruins of Tiawanacu and Puma Punku, the geoglyphs and the non-human mummies of Nasca, the engraved stones of Ocucaje, the elongated skulls of Paracas, etc.

However, several elements presented in this documentary remain largely unknown of the general public. They will surprise you: the mysterious tunnel under the Acapana, the ancient ruins discovered in the Salar of Uyuni, the geoglyph of Ocucaje, “the print of the snake”, the petroglyphs of Pusharo, the “pyramids” of Paratoari, and many others!

Realized by Thierry Jamin and the team of the Institute Inkarri of Cusco, the majority of the images of this documentary film are completely unpublished !